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An Introduction to Mask Bert Inputs for Text Classification

In NLP, we do not mask any input embeddings for Bert in text classifcation task. However, in paper: Spelling Error Correction with Soft-Masked BERT proposed a masked method.

Soft-Masked Bert

BERT does not have sufficient capability to detect whether there is an error at each position. This paper proposed a method that uses [MASK] to represent error word.

Architecture of Soft-Masked BERT

How to get masked inputs for Bert

Step 1. use a GRU to encode input

GRU for masked bert

Step 2: get masked input embeddings

get masked input embeddings for bert


This soft-masked method is not a good one, for example, in aspect level sentiment, we also can use [MASK] to mark aspect words. However, it is insufficient.

As to sentence:

This price is low.

This quality is low.

price and quality are aspect terms, we will marsk them.

This [MASK] is low.

This [MASK] is low.

It will give you bad performance, which means we should use more kinds of marsked symbols.

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