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Real AM-Softmax

Real AM-Softmax loss function is an improvement of AM-Softmax. It is proposed in paper: Real Additive Margin Softmax for Speaker Verification.


DAM-Softmax loss is an improvement of AM-Softmax, it is proposed in paper: Dynamic Margin Softmax Loss for Speaker Verification.


AM-Softmax Loss is also called additive margin softmax. It is an improvement of softmax loss and proposed in paper: Additive Margin Softmax for Face Verification.


OC-Softmax loss function is proposed in paper: One-class Learning Towards Synthetic Voice Spoofing Detection. It often be used in synthetic voice spoofing detection task.

Agreement Loss

Agreement loss is proposed in paper: Learning from Noisy Labels for Entity-Centric Information Extraction. It is a regularization method.